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“Realization of the customer’s satisfaction where the best quality is genuine.”

JACE KOREA conducts design, construction, repair, investigation, diagnosis of safety-related structures and ISI of post-tensioning system in nuclear power plants. JACE KOREA is operating a quality system that satisfies the 18 quality assurance requirements of the US Federal Regulations 10 CFR 50, App. B and the quality management requirements of ISO 9001.
JACE KOREA is making efforts to preventing any accidents that may cause a risk to the public safety in performing all tasks related to the safety of nuclear power plants.

Quality Policy

The quality policy of JACE KOREA is to promote customer satisfaction and continuing development of the company by securing the safety and reliability of structures of nuclear power plants. For this purpose, JACE KOREA is training and securing excellent experts and operating continuous training program.

Quality Assurance System

JACE KOREA established and is operating the best quality assurance system to guarantee the integrity and safety of major nuclear power plant facilities.

Atomic Energy Act of Republic of Korea
10 CFR 50,
App. B
ISO 9001

External Quality Certification

Based on its independent quality assurance activities, JACE KOREA is performing the total and systematic activities to acquire quality certification relating to nuclear energy in order to secure the reliability of customers.

【System Certification】
Q-class certification in the field of design for renovation and repair of structures of operating nuclear power plant
Q-class certification in the field of in-service inspection for post tensioning system of reactor containment building
Q-class certification in the field of inspection for safety-related structures of nuclear power plant
Q-class certification in the field of maintenance work for concrete structure of nuclear power plant