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R&D center of JACE KOREA performs research on seismic design technology for structures of nuclear power plants and seismic qualification technology for major nuclear power plant facilities. With specialized engineering technology developed, we are doing our best to secure our own technology to match the reputation of Korea having prominent position in nuclear power plants around world.

With engineering technology accumulated in the fields of design, construction and maintenance, we are also spurring the development of structure maintenance systems; improvement of performance of repair materials used for repair and reinforcement of structures and facilities in nuclear power plants; and development of new engineering technologies.

Development of seismic analysis model and technology for seismic stability evaluation

Development of technology for seismic qualification and seismic performance diagnosis of major nuclear power plant facilities

Development of techniques and new technologies for safety inspections and diagnosis

Development of equipment and technology for structural measurement, vibration measurement and dynamic characteristic analysis

Improvement of performance of repair materials and development of new technologies

Development of maintenance/control system for structures

Major Performance

Development of evaluation technique for effective tensile force of bonded tendon by signal analysis
(Jan. 4, 2016 ~May 18, 2018)

Quantification of uncertainty in seismic response analysis
(Mar. 1, 2007 ~ Feb. 28, 2010 / Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety) and others.

Development of diagnosis for seismic performance of cabinet equipment by on-site test in nuclear power plant
(Nov. 1, 2007 ~ Oct. 31, 2009 / Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.)

Development of technology for seismic qualification of major nuclear power plant facilities using dynamic modification techniques
(Jan.1, 2008 ~ Aug.31, 2011 / Electricity Infrastructure Industry Development Business Center)

KEPIC-STB evaluation study on maximum frequency considered in soil-structure interaction analysis based on direct method
(Mar. 26, 2009 ~ Jan. 25, 2010 / Korea Electric Association)